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Happy Birthday Awesome Author!! <3

kyliselle you awesome person you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAVORITE AUTHOR!! <33333333333

Yo Ho Pirate Peeps

I have decided to write down all of my OTP's to:

1. Keep track of them,
2. Because I think it will be fun, and
3. ...IDK I just want to see exactly how many ships a ship.

Okay, so this will be in the order of craziness I am about them right now. So number one will have to be.....

KURTOFSKY - GLEE!! ^_^ Then,
Cherik - X-Men
Steve/Danny - Hawaii Five-O
Jim/Spock - Star Trek
Arthur/Eames - Inception
Snarry - Harry Potter
Brian/Dom - Fast and the Furious
Male Yautja Predator/Female Human - Predator
Talumbus - Zombieland
Kyle/Eric - South Park
Alice/Tarrant(Mad Hatter) - Alice in Wonderland
Carlton/Shawn - Psych
Nicholas/Danny- Hot Fuzz
Gibbs/Tony - NCIS
Sparrabeth - Pirates of the Caribbean
Hotch/Rossi - Criminal Minds
JD/Perry Cox - Scrubs
Adam/Mac - CSI: New York
Sylar/Danny - Heroes Crossover
Perry/Harry - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Fonzie/Richie - Happy Days
Houes/Wilson - House, M.D.
Al/Sam - Quantum Leap
Daniel/Jack - Stargate: SG-1
Jean-Luc/Q - Star Trek: The Next Generation
Po/Shifu - Kung Fu Panda
Bruce/Jim Gordon - Batman Movies
Alex/Jason - Galaxy Quest
Ozzy/Thrax - Osmosis Jones
Julian/Garak - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Denny/Alan - Boston Legal
Riddick/Jack - Pitch Black
Buffy/Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

*pants* Wow, I think that's about everyone. SHIT!! I ship a lot of people. O.O

Whatever, don't be a hater.



Yo Ho Fiddle Deedee

Arrrr Me Matey ~ 

  Well I have had a livejournal for years, but I have never posted anything, but comments. Well that changes today, I will probably not post that often, but I'm finally doing it so "YEAY" for me! ^_^

Now, Livejournal is where the best fanfiction is, but where the fun is at, is at Tumblr.com. I'm dare91.tumblr.com if you ever want to take a look.
   It's time now that I give you the down low on who I am.  

  • I'm a Pirate first and foremost. Also a proud member of the OFMAV campain. And if you're interested here is the link ~ http://operationfreemaxadlersvoice.tumblr.com/

    I am a slasher at heart so I ship: Kurtofsky, Cherik, Snarry, Jim/Spock, Gibbs/Tony, Eric/Kyle and to many others to count. 

So that's all I can think of to say at the moment, hope I didn't bore you to tears! 

   Much Love,


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